More safety, efficiency and comfort for wheeled and rail vehicles

In buses, rail and commercial vehicles, wheel guide elements, roll supports (anti roll bars) ancontrol arms have the task of safely and comfortably transferring all forces acting on the axles via the wheels into the frame. A precise, robust and at the same time light-weight axle guide (linkages) is a basic requirement for this. The elastomer bearings arranged in the kinematic points are intended to isolate shocks and vibrations and ensure precise wheel guidance, while the handlebars must have sufficient strength with corresponding power reserves even under extreme conditions.

Here we present some of our innovative solutions.

HEPLEX suspension system

The hydropneumatic HEPLEX® suspension system from HEMSCHEIDT has been patented several times. It integrates all the functions required by off-road commercial vehicles and makes these functions available for road vehicles as well. This means, in particular, load-dependent controlled damping as well as load distribution to several axles even for large load ranges. During lateral dynamic manoeuvres, a cross connection ensures stabilisation and prevents tipping.

Due to the high pressure that can be achieved with hydraulic systems, extremely compact suspension cylinders can be created that require little installation space on the wheel. The energy density of a hydraulic system also means that the reaction times and response behaviour are very fast. During large load changes (during loading and unloading), a hydropneumatic suspension system returns to the level in a fraction of a second.

Air suspension system for trailer axle

The air suspension system for trailer axles includes the spring control arm, an innovative three-part rubber-metal bearing in the front spring control arm eye and the mechanical clamping solution for position-independent axle integration. It is wear-free and perfectly matched to the driving dynamics requirements of commercial vehicles. Europe's third largest trailer manufacturer uses the system for trailer axles.

The position-independent clamping of the air spring components on the axle increases the flexibility in the trailer manufacturer's product range, as different frame widths can be realised.

The position-independence also has other significant advantages:

  • HEMSCHEIDT's air suspension is compatible with all common round 9 t axles.
  • This means for the trailer manufacturer: Standardisation of the frame structure.
  • Even short-term customer requirements can still be taken into account.
  • And for the customer this means: Free choice for the axle and common parts for the air suspension.

Car shimming and car levelling

With the HEMSCHEIDT Engineering Auto-Shimming System (HEAS) we have developed a worldwide unique solution to increase the maintenance efficiency of rail vehicles. The system automatically readjusts the spring unit of your rail vehicles. This eliminates costly maintenance routines while maintaining reliable quality.

The HEMSCHEIDT Engineering Level Control System (HELCS) Auto-Levelling System ensures automatic level control depending on the load condition.

Roll Damper

HEMSCHEIDT is a system supplier for roll damper, tie rods, spring systems and rubber-metal components. Just like suppliers in the automotive industry, we develop customised solutions to match your vehicle solution and supply you with ready-to-install products.

Thanks to our many years of expertise, we have a holistic view of product interrelationships, particularly in the area of roll-supports, and as an external engineering partner we take responsibility for the design. The result is optimal plug-and-play solutions that often cannot be realised with internal teams.