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HEMSCHEIDT combines expertise in automotive and rail vehicle construction with knowledge from the hydraulics sector. This has resulted, among other things, in the multi-patented HEPLEX® suspension system, which integrates all functions required by off-road commercial vehicles and can also be used for road vehicles. This means in particular load-dependent controlled damping and load distribution to several axles, even for large load ranges. For lateral-dynamic manoeuvres, a cross connection provides for stabilisation and tipping prevention.

Due to the high pressure that can be achieved with hydraulic systems, extremely compact suspension cylinders can be created that require little installation space on the wheel. The energy density of a hydraulic system also means that the reaction times and response behaviour are very fast. During large load changes (when loading and unloading commercial vehicles or getting on and off buses and rail vehicles), a hydropneumatic suspension system returns to the level in a fraction of a second.

The pronounced energy density and thus the fast power transmission can be used for other functions. With appropriate circuitry, loads can be distributed to several wheels or axles and rolling moments can be absorbed without additional components (hydraulic stabiliser). In addition, the necessary damping can be integrated into the hydraulic system so that suspension and damping can be provided by a single system.

In contrast to a steel suspension, the spring stiffness of hydropneumatic suspension systems is not constant, but depends on the load acting on the gas spring. Since the enclosed gas volume remains constant, the stiffness of the spring adapts to the force acting on it.

This enables a soft basic tuning when unloaded and loaded. The hydropneumatic suspension stiffens so much during dynamic manoeuvres that driving stability is still guaranteed at all times. While the gas spring is an ideal spring, the power transmission element hydraulics opens up further possibilities to increase comfort and vehicle safety.

Advantages at a glance

  • Compact installation space for suspension cylinders

  • Positive natural frequency response over the load

  • Damping and suspension in one system

    • Integrated level control means that the complete suspension travel can always be used with optimum suspension kinematics

    • Load distribution via the hydraulic system Control via hydraulic pressure (without electronics)

    • High driving comfort and high stability

    Best practice examples

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