Vibration dampers for commercial vehicles

Vibration dampers with the highest load capacity

Commercial vehicles with demanding tasks require efficient, capable shock absorbers. For many years, HEMSCHEIDT Fahrwerktechnik has specialized in the damping for special vehicles where standard products are not sufficient. We develop and manufacture shock absorbers in accordance with the requirements of our customers. 

HEMSCHEIDT offers a wide range of damping systems that all meet highest standards. In close cooperation with our customers, the damping system is adapted to the desired behaviour of the vehicle.

Product details HEMSCHEIDT vibration dampers:

Vibration dampers by HEMSCHEIDT
HEMSCHEIDT vibration dampers are designed for extraordinary applications and loads. We attach great importance to the durability and resilience of the shock absorbers. In order to guarantee that, we use only high-quality materials and components. Furthermore, our shock absorbers are excellently protected against environmental influences. For off-road vehicles, such protection is indispensable. Due to the loads they have to bear, shock absorbers are subject to heavy wear. Therefore HEMSCHEIDT shock absorbers can be repaired, enabling them to achieve a service life of over 30 years.

Part-supporting vibration dampers by HEMSCHEIDT
The vibration dampers designed by HEMSCHEIDT take energy out of the system. But they can also store energy and take on additional loads. Part-supporting systems take on the arising loads that can no longer be taken on by the existing spring. Part-supporting vibration dampers may be necessary in existing vehicles if they need to take on new features or have to cope with higher axle loads. Similarly, the part bearing vibration dampers can be specifically used for the chassis design for new vehicle projects.

Damping systems for rail-mounted vehicles – safe, comfortable and compact

The dampers developed by HEMSCHEIDT for rail-mounted vehicles contribute significantly to road safety and increase driving comfort. Whether roll or sway dampers, HEMSCHEIDT dampers increase the running stability and harmonize the movements between the individual car parts. The damping systems are custom designed and implemented according to the requirement profile as mono-tube dampers, twin-tube dampers or synchronizing cylinders with proportional valve technology or electrically switchable damping units. Interior spring elements can also be adapted according to customer, and enable compact designs for vehicles with high space requirements. Additionally, the maintenance-free operation reduces lifecycle costs.

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