Independent suspension for the mobility of the future

The electrification of buses is often still retained on conventional structures of the drive train of an internal combustion engine. HEMSCHEIDT Fahrwerktechnik works together with Ziehl-Abegg Automotive on an innovative suspension solution that optimally exploits the advantages of electromobility and thus generates aditional benefit for bus companies and passengers. A semi-trailing independent suspension in combination with a hydropneumatic suspension system and the use of an electric wheel hub drive are responsible for an increased space in the interior of the bus and also for an improvement in comfort. The entire drive including control electronics is located inside the rim with optional twin tires or a super single and provides more space in the middle of the vehicle. By skillful interconnection of the suspension cylinder there is no need of a stabilizer. Thus, a minimum ride height can be achieved, which is based on an elevated curb at stops. Buses are no longer dependent on tipping the entry side and can carry faster and more effectively. In addition, the gangway width in the vehicle can be widened by the axle concept. The semi-trailing arm axle has been designed modularly so that an air suspension including hydraulic damper and vehicle roll stabilizer as well as a pneumatic brake can be integrated, if the vehicle architecture demands it. A refitting to a hydropneumatic is also possible.

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