Chassis systems with hydro-pneumatic suspension

In contrast to a steel suspension, the stiffness is not constant, but depends on the load acting on the gas spring. As the trapped gas volume remains constant, the stiffness of the spring adapts to the force.

This enables a soft basic setting in unloaded and loaded conditions. The hydro-pneumatic suspension stiffens so much during dynamic manoeuvres that the driving stability is nevertheless ensured at all times. While the gas spring is an ideal spring, the hydraulic system opens up further possibilities of increasing comfort and vehicle safety.

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Reliably damping high loads and load variations

Hydro-pneumatic suspensions are characterized by the following features:

  • Compact construction space for suspension cylinders
  • Positive natural frequency development via load
  • Damping and suspension in one system
  • With optimum chassis kinematics the full suspension travel can be used through integrated level adjustment
  • Distribution of load via hydraulic system and hydraulic pressure (without electronics)
  • High driving comfort and high stability

Compact, fast, efficient: Chassis systems by HEMSCHEIDT

Due to the high pressure that can be achieved with hydraulic systems, extremely compact suspension cylinders can be used that require little space in proximity to the wheel. The energy density of a hydraulic system also results in particularly quick reaction times and response characteristics. For large load changes (during loading and unloading), a hydro-pneumatic suspension system can be moved back into level position in a split second.

The strong energy density and thus the rapid transmission of force can be used for other functions. With the respective circuits, loads can be distributed over several wheels or axles and roll moments can be absorbed without additional components (hydraulic stabilizer). In addition, the necessary damping can be integrated into the hydraulic system, so that suspension and damping can be provided by a single system.

HEMSCHEIDT chassis systems product examples

The HEPLEX® suspension system

HEMSCHEIDT combines expertise in automotive engineering with knowledge in the field of hydraulics. This has led to the development of the multi-patented HEPLEX® suspension system. The HEPLEX® system integrates all functions that are required by off-road vehicles:

  • Large load range
  • Load distribution on multiple axles
  • Load-dependent damping control
  • Cross-type interconnection to stabilize the vehicle in cross-dynamic manoeuvres
  • Tilting prevention

Full traction even on sandy surfaces!

Linear elements: Suspension systems for wheeled and tracked vehicles

Tracked vehicles, as well as some wheeled vehicles, are not constructed on a vehicle frame, but actually have a so-called hull, which constitutes the structure of the vehicle. The wheels are then attached to this hull via a wing arm. HEMSCHEIDT provides unique hydro-pneumatic suspension systems as a compact and lightweight unit for such concepts.

Our product portfolio includes one or two-stage suspension systems with integrated damping including the necessary temperature compensation.

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