Axle guides for commercial vehicles

HEMSCHEIDT axle guides – light, precise and robust

Axle guides have the task of safely and comfortably transferring all the forces acting on the axles via the wheels to the frame. A precise, robust and at the same time light axle guidance is a prerequisite for this. The elastomeric bearings arranged in the kinematic points are there to isolate shocks and vibrations, and to ensure precise wheel guidance, while the guide must have sufficient stability and corresponding power reserves even under extreme conditions.

Modular axle guides

HEMSCHEIDT develops, manufactures and supplies axle guides from its new, modular axle guide construction kit to suit customer requirements for individual applications.

HEMSCHEIDT axle guides can be used in commercial vehicles, busses and other vehicles of all sizes as axle guiding trailing arms or semi-trailing arms. In addition, the guides are also suited for use as coupling rods for stabilizers, Panhard rods or other types of rod guides. Furthermore, the modular guide kit is also of great use in triangular control arms or as a guide for a variety of purposes.

Lightweight axle guides

The lightweight axle guide is available as a sheet metal version made of high- to maximum-strength cold formed steels. This is where two identical, precise steel guide halves are joined to each other. The result is a guide that is highly strong and rigid along the longitudinal axis, with advantageous low torsional stiffness with a very robust bearing seat. Due to the innovative materials used, the guide is significantly lighter than customary guides available on the market.

Modular guide kit

The used elastomeric bearings are of particular importance, as they are there to solve the conflict of goals between high formability on the one hand and high robustness on the other. The standardized, high-strength and accurate core provides the base. The strongly pre-tensioned elastomeric bearings ensure a long lifetime with low dynamic hardening. Single- or multi-layered, cylindrical designs are used to provide an optimum proportion of radial and torsional stiffness. If increased axial stiffness is required with primarily cardanic deflection, convex designs are used. An optimum proportion of high axial stiffness and low torsional stiffness is ensured through concave structural shapes.

Utmost strength even under extreme conditions

The advantages of HEMSCHEIDT axle guides at a glance:

  • Lightweight, modular design
  • High durability
  • Precise axle guidance
  • High tension in the elastomeric bearings for optimum performance
  • Defined stiffness in different directions for perfect elasto-kinematics
  • High-strength and wear-free for safe use and long service life
  • Usage of modern materials and manufacturing processes

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