Air suspension for trailers

Light, flexible and robust

The air suspension is the link between the structure of a trailer and its axle. This is where the air suspension has to fulfil several tasks. On the one hand it has to transmit the forces between the wheel, the axle and the structure, and guide the axle, on the other hand, the system also has to minimize the loads caused by relative movements. Thus the system has to be able to “spring” so as to keep the structure acceleration as low as possible. In order to ensure that the wheel keeps contact with the ground and is therefore able to transmit forces, the system also has to be damped. In addition to these functional requirements, the system has to be light and robust, require minimal maintenance and be cost-efficient. 

Air suspension systems by HEMSCHEIDT meet all of these requirements. In particular, the innovative and unique mounting of the spring guide will convince users. All forces in the spring seat are conducted via this unique rubber-metal bearing. This improves axle guidance and minimizes tire wear, but also increases the service life of the vehicle, since the forces are introduced into the vehicle in a significantly more harmonious manner. Furthermore, this wear-free solution also replaces the usual wear plates that conduct forces in a metal-metal contact. Another step towards reducing down times and improving driving behaviour! 

Air suspension systems by HEMSCHEIDT are characterized by high efficiency, lightweight design and long life.

The position-independent clamping of the components of the air spring on the axle increases flexibility regarding the range of products a trailer manufacturer can provide, as a number of different frame widths can be realized.

However, the position independence also has another significant advantage:

  • HEMSCHEIDT’s air suspension is compatible with all standard round 9 t axles.
  • For trailer manufacturers that means: standardization of the frame structure.
  • Even short-term customer requirements can still be considered.
  • And for customers that means: free choice of the axle and common parts for air suspension.

Each air suspension system is custom designed – no shelf solutions with too many compromises! During development we always take into consideration customer wishes, deployment scenarios and quantities. This results in air suspension systems that truly represent the optimum.

Two spring clamps provide a secure clamping of guide and axle. The axle tube is enclosed almost across its entire circumference by the guide above and the two spring pads below.

Both the small number of individual parts as well as the integral design ensure the low weight of the overall system. For example, the spring plate at the same time acts as a support for the damper as well as a support for the spring clamps. The consistently high product quality is ensured through the use of parts from renowned manufacturers.

The guide is made of high-strength spring steel which provides an optimal balance of spring properties and strength. The innovative rubber-metal bearing, which takes on both longitudinal as well as transverse forces at the interface between the console and guide, and ensures an optimal response of the suspension through minimal torsional rigidity, round off the perfect solutions by HEMSCHEIDT.

Innovative rubber-metal bearings – Your benefits

These rubber-metal bearings ensure that repair and maintenance-related downtime and costs are reduced. The bearings absorb movements and forces from all operating states in a non-wear manner so that wear plates can be dispensed with.

  • Position-independent
  • Wear-free
  • Light
  • 9 tons of axle load
  • Driving heights from 180 mm

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