Suspension solutions for all areas

Mobility fascinates! Always and everywhere. Be it on the road, outdoors, in the open pit, on the field, on the construction site, or even underground. Mobility concepts and vehicles are required pretty-much everywhere. Many of them are very specific, and used for applications that require high efficiency. Here too, we strive to make the transport of people and goods safer and more comfortable. For us, every vehicle project is a new challenge to meet this requirement.

You will find HEMSCHEIDT products at airports, opencast pits, on fields and even at depths of 1000 meters. The only place we haven’t been to yet is the moon! We develop suspension solutions for all types of vehicles, from fast to slow, from light to heavy, from wheeled to tracked.

Our products have only one goal: To make your project a success!

EMSCHEIDT Fahrwerktechnik GmbH & Co. KG has been developing and producing tailor-made solutions for the chasses of modern wheeled and tracked vehicles since 1965. Safety, precision and comfort are top priorities in addition to achieving the necessary requirements in terms of driving dynamics. These products include

  • HEPLEX© hydro-pneumatic suspension systems
  • HYDROP® hydro-pneumatic spring and damper struts
  • Suspension struts
  • Vibration absorbers
  • Chain tensioners, mechanically or hydraulically damped
  • Hydraulic end stops
  • Guides in various structural forms

High durability through robust, consistent characteristics for large load differences and precision with fast response times, even under impulsive dynamic loads, are only a few characteristics that are ascribed to these products. This is where compact designs can be implemented through state-of-the-art materials using hybrid construction methods.



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