Their task is to transport people and goods from A to B, partly along long routes, with the best-possible efficiency. However, contrary to the situation with passenger cars, the efficiency, i.e. the value created, plays the most important role for commercial vehicles. That makes the development of products so exciting, as all the technology has to live up to such efficiency demands. HEMSCHEIDT has taken on this task with great enthusiasm. We believe that the transport of goods and people is the basis of our prosperity and not the result. That is why we develop products that make the transport of people and goods ever safer and more comfortable.

As efficiency is always one of the key aspects, the products have to be durable, lightweight and inexpensive. These properties are normally conflicting objectives, which HEMSCHEIDT manages to solve through its products. We are inspired by the task of developing lightweight and robust but also cost effective solutions that increase the efficiency of commercial vehicles. And for commercial vehicles economy is always directly linked to ecology. So the more efficient products and goods can be transported, the better for the environment.

The secure transport with highest driving comfort on and off road is something that is particularly important to us.
Every day, our products prove that efficiency is not just a slogan!



Reaching targets through efficiency

For pulling and pulled units, we concentrate on chassis elements that achieve these goals. From light sheet metal bars to complete hydro-pneumatic suspension and damping systems, we have a decisive effect on the horizontal as well as vertical dynamics of vehicles:

  • HEMTRAG© trailer axle assembly
  • Pneumatic spring systems for truck & trailer
  • Guides in various structural forms
  • HEPLEX© hydro-pneumatic suspension system

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