Public passenger and freight transport

The transport of people and goods is something that also moves HEMSCHEIDT. We believe that the transport of goods and people is the basis of our prosperity and not the result of it. That is why we develop products that make the transport of people and goods ever safer and more comfortable. Suspension systems are the most basic systems in order for a vehicle to meet such demands. We develop and produce solutions aimed at reaching this objective for the bus and rail industries. In the field of bus and rail, we are currently focused on the transition between two parts of the overall vehicle. We develop joints and damping systems that connect the parts of the vehicle and ensure the required driving dynamics. In addition to the connection of vehicles, we also connect axles with the platform. For this purpose, we have developed a comprehensive guide kit, which can be customized to individual customer requirements. In addition to the robustness, the low weight is one of the unique features of our products.

We’ll get you to your destination safely

Our product range is summarized as follows:

  • Synchronous articulation dampers
  • Roll or yaw dampers
  • Swing bearings
  • Guides in various structural forms

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