Mission statement

We commit ourselves to the highest quality - in all areas

Purpose of the company

We develop, produce and sell chassis and joint systems worldwide on the highest qualitylevel.


Customer satisfaction and customer confidence in our products are at the centre of everything we do.
We deliver our products as agreed, with the highest quality and at reasonable prices.
We react flexibly to changes in customer requirements.


Our employees are the key success factor of our company. We offer them fair and performance-related pay, job security and professional as well as personal development opportunities. We expect our employees to show a readiness to perform and learn, to think and act independently and to display highest competence. Our managers dispose of professional and social skills. They recognize the responsibility that is connected to their task. We lead by clear guidelines and structures, with open communication, and promote the potential of our employees.


We work together closely with our suppliers for the production of our products.
In terms of quality, we expect the same from our suppliers as our customers expect from us and our products. We maintain a relationship with our suppliers based on partnership and fair interaction.


Our products are among the best and a benchmark for our competitors. We constantly strive to improve our products and guarantee consistently high quality standards.
Hydraulic competence, technical vehicle knowledge and flexibility are our strengths. In addition to the long-term security of our company, we also strive to achieve sustainable economic success. Economic success is the basis on which to offer and ensure products of the highest possible quality for our customers, and to provide secure jobs for our employees.