Company codex of HEMSCHEIDT Fahrwerktechnik


HEMSCHEIDT, its management and all its employees feel generally obliged to adhere to the basic rules of ethics and behaviour that follow the four main areas of human rights, the protection of labour, environmental protection, and the fight against corruption, which themselves are substantiated by the ten principles of the UN Global Compact. As a company with structures that are still very similar to those of a family-run company, and which thus put the interests of the company and its employees in the centre of all activities, work at HEMSCHEIDT is defined by an understanding of mutual respect, tolerance, honesty and trust, which is characterized by the personal contact of the parties involved. Long-term employment and mutual respect have resulted in a close connection between the company and its employees. The idea of employed entrepreneurs in a company has come alive at HEMSCHEIDT. It is thus that every individual is involved in the success and risks of the company, and all together are responsible for the business goals and objectives.

The company's management and staff are keen to put their relationship on a new level of mutual understanding by means of this code of conduct, and to embed it as such in the consciousness of those involved and thereby to unanimously commit themselves to the major fundamental values of our society.

In the spirit of the four priorities of the UN Global Compact, HEMSCHEIDT declares the following rules as binding:

1. Respect for the law

HEMSCHEIDT recognizes the rule of law (as far as known) of every nation in which HEMSCHEIDT operates.


2. Fundamental rights of employees

HEMSCHEIDT recognizes all employees to be free and equal in terms of dignity and rights, irrespective of race, skin colour, sex, age, language, religious belief, political or other conviction, national or social origin, and any other status, and respects the dignity, privacy and personality of each and every employee.


3. Work and health protection of employees

HEMSCHEIDT is aware that social justice is a prerequisite for lasting peace and therefore opposes the following forms of labour abuse: HEMSCHEIDT accepts no form of forced or compulsory labour, and opposes any form of child labour in the understanding of the ILO Convention 138.

Within the meaning of paragraph 1, HEMSCHEIDT will not accept any form of discrimination, whether active or passive, in the employment relationship.

In addition, HEMSCHEIDT supports its employees’ freedom of association and attaches great importance to the appropriate remuneration of its employees.

HEMSCHEIDT is fully aware of its responsibility for the health and safety of its employees and therefore sees it as an important task to regularly train staff in the field of work safety and to take precautionary measures in relation to accidents at work and occupational diseases.


4. Environmental protection

HEMSCHEIDT considers the protection of the environment and of natural resources in the form of sustainable and fair economic activities that strive to bring the needs of the present and coming generations into balance to be one of the most important goals in order to preserve, protect and restore the integrity of the ecosystem of the earth.

HEMSCHEIDT therefore considers it to be the company’s very own task to continuously improve environmental protection and to reduce its own environmental impact with its own available funds, so that the operations of the company can be undertaken in harmony with nature as well as a healthy and productive life.


5. Fighting corruption

HEMSCHEIDT is against all kinds of corruption, including extortion and bribery. HEMSCHEIDT will therefore not approve the offering or acceptance of donations, payments or other contributions in the context of the initiation or awarding of a contract in order to affect business decisions.